Digital Marketing: The best way to earn online

How to earn money through digital marketing? If we are buying anything like mobile phone or furniture or any product or service we search them on the internet. The Internet plays an important role in everyone life and that’s why marketing is going digital and the trend of digital marketing is booming lot and increasing the need for digital marketing. According to research in 2020 this industry is about 68 billion dollars industry and it’s growing. In India more than 60+ crore internet users and 30+ crore users use social media. 71% of users buying or purchasing are influenced by social media and due to these reasons not only big companies eve small companies and business owners are understanding how can they grow digitally. Lawyers, Teachers, CA and Doctors everyone trying how they can grow digitally What digital marketing basically is, one can google it and can find end number of definitions and explanations so simple definition is Marketing done through social media platforms is known as digital marketing.

Social media platforms like:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

Merits of Digital Marketing

digital marketing
social media marketing
  • Target audience is huge and one can reach to millions of people.
  • Select the right audience for your products and services and which will help you to generate more sales and leads.
  • Right product To right customers will provide some tips and ideas to how you can earn money through digital marketing. With very less, capital investment one can become a successful digital marketer and earn a good sum of money and create a good name in the market. All you need is an internet connection, laptop and less than 15000 to start an online business.



Facebook has more than 2.6 billion active users per month. There is no limit to earning money through Facebook. One can earn money by creating a Facebook business page and selling there products online through Facebook. By creating a group on Facebook and then joining other groups to sell your products.

digital marketing
Facebook ads
  • Most of the marketer use Facebook ads to generate more leads and sales and to reach to the right number of the target audience.
  • Create An FB ads do proper research on target audience like who is your audience, what do they like, what is their interest and from which location do they belong do a proper research an then run FB ads.
  • One can just master the FB ads and can help other people to generate leads and sales and earn money from FB ads.

Become a freelancer

If you have some knowledge in content writing, video editing, photoshop, SEO then one can become a freelancer. You can earn up to one lakh to three lakhs per month it depends on your knowledge. One can upload their gigs in a popular site like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancers. One can also get a chance to work with foreign clients and earn money in dollars. And nowadays big companies or agency mostly hire freelancers for there projects.

Make money from Youtube

digital marketing- Youtube

Most people are making millions of from youtube. It’s not an easy option but if someone who likes to record videos can surely start a youtube channel.

How to start a channel?

Just select a niche which you like and start recording videos and upload the video on your channel. Be consistent and at least upload three videos in a week. The most important thing your content should be amazing it should make an impact on people life. Content is not the king but the kingdom for one to grow on youtube.

Website Development

Whether it’s a small business or big business one must need a website to grow and expand there business. Every industry needs a website for there business. We can clearly see that people usually charge 50k-1lakh for professional website and demand for website development is increasing. So one can master this course and can earn a good sum of money by making websites for people and helping people to expand their business.



If you are good at writing and have good writing skills then one can earn money from writing skills. Your blog can be your own business, once you start writing good articles according to your niche/interest you can earn money while sleeping also and that’s what the power of social media is.

If you have good writing skills then trust me there are companies who are searching for good content writers you can be the one. A good content writer usually charges 2000-5000 per article.


As we can see making money through digital marketing is not hard it’s just that one must have some knowledge and passion doing that work and one can earn a good sum of money through digital marketing and become an expert of that field. Just consistency and hard work are required and results will automatically fall in place. Just keep hustling and achieve your dreams.

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