Event Management as a career option

Who doesn’t want a good career? I guess everyone, so there is plenty of career option after 12 . Indeed having plenty of option we still get confused about what should we choose, in which stream should we go? There are a lot of option revolves in our mind. My suggestion would be that you should choose that career in which you have some sort of interest in which you can give your 100 per cent. There are plenty of career options one could choose any of them. Most common options are B.com, B.Ba, Computer, Science and more and more and one can make a decent career in any one these. But there are other courses such as Event management which is a very dynamic field to work in, and one can definitely choose event management as a career option after 12.

A career as an event management 

event management
event management

Event management is a rapidly growing industry, according to a report the event industry in India will cross Rs 10,000 crore by 2022. It is a very profitable industry and one can earn a good amount of money and fame through this industry.

   “If you are creative then this industry is for you”.

There is a huge growth in this industry, the number of companies organises an event in the globe is uncountable. The growth in media, mobile, the internet keeps adding the need for having more events globally. The main reason for the growth in this industry due to the need for professional assistance in organising an event. If you are someone who loves to take risks, someone who have some creative ideas then you can definitely pursue your career in event management 


  • Passionate
  • Risk Taker
  •  Creative 
  •  Time Management 
  •  An eye for details and  planning 

Role of an event manager

event management
event management

Some of the basic steps while planning an event are :

  • Coming up with new and amazing ideas for the client 
  • Planning the event according to the client brief
  • Being touch with clients on a regular basis and creating a    weekly report of the work and sending to the client 
  • Selecting the right venue for the event. The venue can be hotels, lawns, resort and etc 
  • Selecting the right vendor for the event, and make sure that the vendor is capable and trustable for the event 
  • Venue recce is the most important job role of an event planner and planning everything according to the venue 
  • Briefing the team and vendor before the event 
  • Pre-work of the events should be done perfectly and everything should be planned briefed to the client 
  • Make sure that event goes well and everything is done perfectly and smoothly 
  • Client Satisfaction is the most important role of an Event Planner

Choosing the right institute for event management

The most important aspect is choosing the right institute for event management which will lead you to shine in this industry. There is plenty of institutes all around the world which gives event management training. One must do proper research and then select the best institute and enrol yourself and start your dream career. 

event management
event management

The institute which I would suggest is NIEM- Mumbai the best institute for event management. One could pursue in this institute and can learn and gain a lot of knowledge about the event industry. NIEM- Mumbai has the best faculty in the world and there teaching process is way too different and that makes them unique. And they give their students a chance to work in events like IIFA, IPL, Fashion Shows and etc. This is just my suggestion one can do proper research on google and enrol themselves in the best event management institute 

Salary of an event manager 

If you are a starter then one can earn a decent amount of 15000- 20000 per month. And then after gaining some work experience and knowledge one can earn up to earn 50,000 and more depending upon your skills and how passionate you are in doing your work.

And one can too start there event company after gaining some work experience in the industry and can hire employees and can make your name and fame in the industry 

You can have a good future in event management 

There is less risk in event management. One can start a new venture too in the event management and can become the best event planner in the world. So,

  • If you are good at communication skills 
  • You are passionate 
  • If you are good at convincing people 
  • If you love taking the risk and creative 

Then you are capable of this industry and you can be a successful event planner and achieve success in your life 

“All the best for your bright future and just give your 100 per cent and never give up and just make it happen”.

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