Everyone starts from Zero: Motivational stories

Never have you ever heard that someone has succeeded without hard work and patience. Everyone who dreams big has to go through pain and sacrifices. There is no short cut to success, and if there is any, your success is not long-lasting. Everyone starts from zero and there is no choice in it. You have to start from the starting line in order to win the race. Therefore, here are some motivational stories which might help you to change your mindset and learn that success will take days and data of hard work but it will be all worth in the end.


Les Brown and the office boss

Les Brown
Les Brown

Les Brown was in search of a job. He went to an office where he asked the boss if there is any job for him. The boss informed him that there was no job that was available to him at the moment. He went again on the next day and said, “Sir I wanted to know if there is any job for me in this office”. To this, the boss replied,” Didn’t I tell you the last day that there is no job for you? Les said, “It is possible someone might be fired, sir”. The boss said,” Nobody was fired, now get out and don’t come again. He went again on the next day with the same question and got the same reply.

He did not give up and he went on the next day and the reply he got to his question that whether there was any job available was “GO GET ME SOME COFFEE”. From that very day, Les started working in the office. He was just waiting for a chance to handle the disc jockey. After all the hard work, one day he got the opportunity to handle to disc jockey which was a dream of Les Brown.

The Rise of Dhiru Bhai Ambani

Dhiru Bhai Ambani: Motivational stories
Dhiru Bhai Ambani

Popular for being the richest person in India, Dhiru Bhai Ambani was from a middle-class family who had to strive day in and day out in order to earn. He himself used to sell bhajis in Mumbai and later on went to Yemen to wor as a clerk in a gas station.

He then promised himself to work hard and live the life which he dreams of. With a lot of hard work and patience, he was able to rise step by step and hold the position which is held by his kids now. Being the founder of the Reliance Industries which ruled in India since then, is not a joke.

From nothing to being the richest person in the country, Ambani’s dedication has been an inspiration for each and every one. His son Mukesh Ambani also lives a very simple life because they know from where they had started. It is said that the person who starts which zero, knows no fear because if he falls, he knows he will be back to the position from where he started.

Ratan Tata: The Meeting with Ford

Ratan Tata: Motivational Stories
Ratan tata

When TATA INDICA was a failure in 1998, Ratan Tata decided to build passengers car business. He then sent a proposal to FORD and the company also showed interest in this. After the meeting, Bill Ford (Chairman of FORD) told Ratan Tata that he should not enter into a business without having any knowledge about it. He also advised him to sell his business to FORD.

Ratan Tata was very much hurt and tensed after the meeting. Slowly and gradually the TATA group started doing well in the business. In 2008, FORD suffered a great setback and was on the verge of bankruptcy. TATA offered to buy their luxury cars which were Jaguar and Land Rover. FORD was overwhelmed and arrived for the meeting. Bill Ford, in the meeting, said to Ratan TATA, “You are doing the biggest favour on us”

Ratan TATA has always been very humble and kind to everyone. This is the reason he has zero haters because whatever he does, he does it for humanity. There is no doubt, he could easily become the richest in India. But because of some much donations done by his company, he has won million hearts.

So, it is clear that motivational stories are always inspiring and boots your morale to work harder on your dreams.

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