Indian Premier League 2020 set to be cancelled

no IPL in 2020.

Indian Premier League 2020 set to be cancelled: The biggest t20 tournament in the world which is the Indian Premier League, popular as the IPLt20 which is played in India every year. The BCCI (Board Of Control For Cricket In India) organizes this league for the betterment of players and to help them get a place on the National side. Not only the players, but the fans are equally excited about this league as it is a kind of festival for them. But this year, the League is set to be cancelled because of the pandemic outbreak of the Corona Virus world wide. The scheduled date has already been postponed, but there is a possibility of the whole tournament getting cancelled because of the pandemic.

Indian Premier League 2020 set to be cancelled

IPLt20 being the biggest T20 tournament in the world has come up with some sad news this year. Though this tournament has happened in South Africa before. The whole world is fighting against this pandemic which is creating a big disaster.

Because of this pandemic, many countries have ordered a lockdown for respective months. This is the biggest drawback if iplt20 is about to happen but the players from other countries aren’t allowed to come to India.

Corona Virus, first discovered in December 2019, is not stopping since then. It has created a mass disaster to the whole world. People are dying and thousands are under isolation.

The world is at a stage where no person is able to move from one state to another (forget about countries). Therefore, the whole world is in a stage of hold for every activity that was about to happen.

BCCI to suffer a huge loss on cancellation of IPL

IPL Postponed

Sources said that BCCI is going to suffer a loss of 3269.5 crores. This includes streaming revenue and broadcast. It followed by Rs 400 crore of title Sponsorship and Rs 200 crore loss of Central sponsorship. The BCCI is further going to suffer losses pertaining to the auction, the arrangements of the grounds and many more.

The BCCI also decided to include a smaller format of the game. They have decided to make it a 38-days tournament. This will also impact the excitement of the viewers and also the hush that will be created in the management. The reduction in the days will also lead to a very quick end to the tournament. Almost half as compared to other years.

Majority of countries under lockdown

Safety of Players
Virat Kohli and K.L Rahul with a mask

South Africa has imposed a lockdown of three months whereas Australia has imposed a lockdown of six-months. This made things clear that the iplt20 is probably not going to take place in 2020. No player from several countries is allowed to move to India for the Indian Premier League.

India is also under lockdown till the 15th of April and is set to increase the lockdown. If the condition is not controlled the lockdown will keep on increasing.

The President of BCCI, Mr.Sourav Ganguly is not able to take any decision as of now. He wants the IPL to be conducted but is also looking towards the safety of the players of every country. Not only IPL, but many other tournaments have been called off. Tokyo Olympics is also on hold as of now because of the pandemic.

BCCI optimistic about IPL 2020

IPL 2020
IPL 2020

An official said that they are working on a different scenario. There is nothing to talk about at the present moment. The BCCI is in constant touch with the stakeholder and the franchise owners along with other international Boards.

The BCCI is optimistic that this Pandemic is fought safely, and the IPL is conducted.

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