Know how to balance studies and sports: Teenager’s life

The biggest challenge among teenagers in how to balance studies and sports. Balancing means how they can give time to sports as well as not letting their marks degrade in school. It is important for them to make a routine of their daily life so as to work according to the routine. In today’s world, study and sports carry equal importance because of which people start sending their kids to play sports at a very early age. Because of which, kids start taking the sport seriously and then converts it into a profession. To manage both studies and sports, one needs to be very determined as to needs to be done in order to give a hundred per cent in both the fields.


Routine Setup

Setting up a routine and following it every day is one of the most important factor in order to manage two fields. Routine setup is almost everything you need to do in order to manage multiple fields every day. In order to set up your daily routine, you must never make it taking your comfort zone into consideration. You must create your daily routine in such a way that it is beneficial for you and at the same time none of your work is hampered by the end of the day.

balance studies and sports
routine management
  • Create a weekly routine chart.
  • It will be tough to follow, but it will be interesting to check your determination and how badly focused you are.
  • You must create a balanced chart where both study and sport gets equal time.
  • Remember, if you skip, you miss.
  • Slowly and gradually you will start loving your routine and will get used to it.

Wake up early

Waking up early is not only good for your health but also helps you gain an advantage over the extra hours you have got which you could have given to sleep. You get extra time to put into some work or the other. It also helps you feel the fresh air in the morning which is beneficial to you.

The extra hours are like a bonus which will always play an important role in your life and your career. Learn to use your time wisely and you will be able to know the value of time.

  • As soon as you wake up, meditate and exercise.
  • Put more time in prayers because there is no one above God.
  • Complete your pending work of the day before (if any).
  • Utilize your time well.

Use your weekend properly

Generally, there is not much of study during the weekends. Therefore, giving time to sports during the weekend will be a plus point for you. Complete all your homework on Friday evening so that you get the most of Saturday and Sunday. You will not be tensed about your studies and therefore, will be able to give time to sports freely. Remember to use your weekend properly and not wasting it in playing indoor games or sitting on the computer.

balance studies and sports
develop yourself
  • Complete your studies on Friday.
  • Make full use of Saturday and Sunday.
  • Prepare a plan for the weekend beforehand.
  • Write notes and remember what you have to do.

Make use while travelling

Generally, a sportsperson has to travel long distances through trains or buses when there is any tournament. During the journey, he/she can use their time well in learning the homework. There is nothing to do during the journey and so instead of using mobile phones, one can use the time in competing their learning work so that they are not left behind in studies.

balance studies and sports
Make use of travelling

Completing your learning work will also host your morale and also set you free. You will be able to give your exams without any tension in your mind and at the same time, give time to sports as well. In this way, you will be benefited in both the fields.


Therefore it is clear that giving time to both sports and studies is not a big deal once you get into the zone. Once you start talking about your life and follow the routine, you will always be benefited. Train your mind in such a way that you start focusing on your work rather than other things. When you balance studies and sports, you will be able to get what you deserve.

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