Know the key to Success: Excel in Life

Know the key to Success: Excel in Life- Who doesn’t want to be Successful? I repeat who? The answer is everybody wants to be successful. But let me tell you Success is not a destination Success is a journey. To reach a destination from one place to another is not difficult but to complete a journey it takes time and that’s the difference between destination and journey. The Key to success always helps people to know the areas they need to work on. In order to excel in life, you must know the hard paths which will bring experience and success both to a person. For s person to succeed, patience plays a very important role.

Good things take time

Key to success
Key to success

Success doesn’t come easy, but there sure is a simple method to achieving it. If you have heard about Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Steve Jobs, just read about them a little more in Wikipedia, and you will find out that they took some time to reach where they are, it wasn’t sudden dawn of good fortune. So what was is that made them Successful?


The one factor that made them successful is their Self -Belief. One can achieve anything if they believe in themselves. Nothing in this world can be achieved without self-belief. Let’s give you an example Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and the world richest man if he wouldn’t have believed in himself and doesn’t dream of becoming a successful human being in life then how would he have achieved whatever he has dreamt. If Jeff Bezos would sit at home, sip coffee and daydream would he have achieved what he did? If he can do it why can’t we?

Set-up your goal

Setting up a goal is the most vital role of success in one’s life. “Football cannot be played without a goal “ just like that ‘Success cannot be achieved without a goal.’ Set up a goal and work our ass off to achieve that goal. Do whatever you love, like but give your 100% and achieve that goal.

How to set a goal?

The bigger you think the bigger is your goal. I would suggest don’t set multiple goals just set one goal which is unusual. The goal in which you can challenge yourself then only you can achieve your goal. No goal means no direction and without direction, you won’t be able to go anywhere. As we know, “An ambulance without an address goes nowhere”.

So how many times do you think a building is made? You guys must be thinking one time, but no TWICE. One in paper and the other in the mind and then its made in reality. Like this, you need to make your goal in paper and in the mind and then achieve in reality. Don’t focus on problems, focus on goals. If you focus on problems then you cannot focus on the goal. What people do is that when they are not able to achieve their goal, they change their goal.

Never change your goal

Its a piece of advice to just stick do one goal. No matter how much problems you are going to face, just stick towards one goal. Take an oath that you should never give up on your goal. If plan A doesn’t work for your goal choose plan B but don’t drop your goal.

Self-belief and capability to achieve the goal will make you successful one day.
You will able to achieve your goals one day when u start believing yourself .dont waste your time write you goals on a paper and believe in yourself that one day you will achieve that goal.


It is always said that a person who has lived life with limited things will only know the value of each thing in life. He knows the value of money, love and hard work in his life. Always try and stick to those people who help you excel in life. The people who teach you the key to success are the ones who know know that with hard work, anything is possible. Everyone started at zero in order to reach heights.

Come out of your comfort zone and start the struggle now. Remember, people will break you, hate you and also leave you when you are in trouble. What makes you is the will power and self-belief that you possess which forces you to never give up on your dreams. Because “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY“.

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