learn How to be Happy and Motivated in Life

We all have problems in life and once we don’t get a solution to the problems, we start getting demotivated. We start blaming ourselves whenever we suffer setbacks in life. Also, We injure ourself by all the negative ideas which result in getting angry, jealous, fearful. These all are the poisons to our subconscious mind. We are not born with these negative ideas. It is we who create negative ideas in our mind. One handles the problem calmly and with a positive mindset and accept the truth that whatever happens in life is for our good and move ahead and be happy and motivated in life.

Be happy and motivated with whatever you have

happy and motivated
happy and motivated

The most negative aspect we as a human is that we are never happy with whatever we have we always want more. We compare ourself with others and make ourself unhappy, demotivated. This creates a negative mindset in our subconscious mind and we get demotivated in our life. So the simple solution to this problem is that learn to be happy with the things which you have in life. For example, there is a guy who made $20k a day and there is someone who made $50k and also someone who made $100k too and someone who made $10k. So the lesson is you are always better than someone and someone is always better than you. Just compete with yourself and become the best version of yourself.

Always feed your mind with the expectation of the best and make sure your thoughts are full of positive, true and of good report.

Secret Of staying motivated

happy and motivated

There are times when things aren’t gonna go right and there will be times when something unexpected happens in our life. One can’t control the situation. The only thing which can be controlled is how you deal with those times and how you keep yourself motivated. Don’t break yourself with the negative ideas and thoughts and don’t give up and fall apart with these negative thoughts. Just think that there is an opportunity to get stronger, smarter and better . Just find a reason to keep going and push through it. It happens with everybody but only the strong ones survive. You have the opportunity to show the world what you are really made for. The way to overcome a negative thought is to substitute it with a good thought .“The only thing that can stop is you“.

So just accept the situation and face it. Keep your mind filled with positive thoughts. This will help you in staying happy and motivated. You can face any situation and be happy in life.

Happiness and Motivation lies within

happy and motivated
happy and motivated

When we search for motivation through a video or anything, it is not the person who is motivating you. It is you who decides whether the words of the person are enough to touch your heart and inspire you to never give up. If you feel that his words are not enough to push you, you won’t get motivated.

In the same way, Happiness lies within you. If you think of being happy, you will be happy no matter what the situation is. Even during tough times, you will know how to go through it with a smile on your face. Never look for happiness, find happiness within yourself Do what makes you happy, because in the end what matters to you is how you are living your life and enjoying every bit of it.


Just keep moving in your life. There will be times when you can’t control anything. Just don’t give up and motivate yourself that you can do it. Whenever you think of quitting just remember why you started and your mind will change. When you get demotivated or unhappy in life, just start thinking about all the positive aspects of your life. Think how much you have achieved, how much you are blessed in life and move ahead and be happy and motivated in your life.

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