Learn how to grow on Instagram: Increase your base

Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2012 and now owned by Facebook. Instagram with more than 1 billion active users worldwide is the most used social media platform after Facebook with more than 500 million active users per day . Is it difficult to grow on Instagram? My answer will be “No” Nothing is difficult or impossible in the world, everything is possible it just depends on how much hard work you put in the more the hard work, the more is the success.

Different types of Instagram account

  • Personal Account
  • Niched Account
  • Business Account

Steps to Grow on Instagram

  • Introduction about your Instagram Account.
  • Choosing the best username for your account.
  • Uploading a perfect profile picture for your account
  • Giving brief information about yourself.
  • Giving people a CTA(Call to action).

How To create a good bio?

grow on instagram
proper niche
  • You must have a Catchy Bio in order to grow on Instagram.
  • Stay Consistent with your name on all platforms.
  • Explain what you are and what you do.
  • Search people’s bio who are in your field and start apart from them.
  • Add your email, it is very powerful for your customers or people.
  • Call to action on your bio if you are selling something (Shop my outfits, email me).

CTA (Call to action)

Call to action means uploading a link on your Instagram account through which you can drive people on your website or any other platform.

grow on instagram
call to action

So how to make people take action?

  • Give them something for free.
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  • If you have a business account then Post-high-quality images.
  • Product demo video in which showing features of the product.
  • Customers feedback post.
  • Photos and videos of employees.

If you have personal account then:

  • Educational photos/videos.
  • Inspirational Content.
  • Promotion or giveaways.
  • Understanding your followers and uploading a content which they will like.

If you have niched account:

  • Funny photos or videos
  • This is that (Make a comparison and ask opinion)
  • Motivation Quotes.

How to engage with your audience?

grow on instagram
engage with your audience

One should understand your audience and post content according to your audience. Tell people story about your products and this very powerful tool for engaging with your audience. Why should people buy your product follow your account ? Give them the reasons to buy and follow you show them the features of your products. Upload storytelling videos for more engagement. Build a personal connection with your audience through Instagram stories. Teach something of value so that people follow your account.

How to design your feed properly?

By choosing the right posting pattern, for example, one picture then quotes and then again one picture. Choosing the right colour for your Instagram feed, choosing the right font one can use two or three fonts. Choosing the right Instagram filters use two or three filters and try to be consistent with your filters.

why it’s important to research?

We need to model success in order to get success. So researching on Instagram is very important. Analyse the profiles of your competitors how they are selling, how they have updated there bio. Model their content and designing there posting pattern and composting. What hashtags they are using on there post and model the amount of post they are putting out a day.

What makes a good caption ?

appealing captions
appealing captions

Ask open questions to get people to comment and this will help Instagram to gain more comments and likes on your pictures. Describe something in short and detail. Inviting CTA caption like tag your friends, share with your friends depending on the post. The more people spending in your account the more are the chances that your post will go to the Instagram algorithm and when our post goes on Instagramalgorithm then Instagram understands that this page is getting more likes and comments then Instagram automatically helps to engage with your audience.


So this is some fundamental steps which will help you to grow your business and personal brand on Instagram told you guys it’s not hard to grow on Instagram just be patient and keep working hard results will automatically fall on.

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