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Content being the king, has to be of a high quality. Writing content is easy but writing quality content is not a job of anyone and everyone. It requires professionalism. Writing long paragraphs is easy. But writing quality paragraphs is the toughest of all. Content writing is not an easy task when you see it from a professional perspective. People generally pay huge amount to content writers because of the quality content they provide. If quantity mattered, there would have been content writers in every house. Doing the research, knowing the niche, researching the keywords, doing the one-page and off-page seo Is what sums up the word quality content writing. There are courses which teach people how to be a professional content writer in order to get paid much more. There is a procedure to be followed in order to be a professional content writer.

Know your Niche

Content writing
Proper niche

Everyone is not excellent in every type of content. People generally have a specific niche in which they can write quality articles and be professional in their work. People who love motivational blogs will always choose a motivational niche in order to write whereas, people who are into health and fitness will choose that niche.

This will help them in quality content writing and satisfy their customers as well. Knowing your niche is very much important because no everyone is good in every niche. Being focused to earn money is OK until and unless there is quality and professionalism in your work.

Research for keywords of your niche

Content writing
Steps in content writing

Once you know the niche in which you can write quality articles, start with keyword research. Ahrefs being costly, yet the most effective tool in researching keywords that will help you rank higher. It will not only help you rank higher, but will give you a detailed idea on how keywords work on your website and boosts the traffic.

You can type one keyword on the keyword explorer in Ahrefs and then look for the related keywords as well. You can even find out your competitor’s keyword in order to rank above them. Choosing the right keywords with high CPC (COST PER CLICK) is very much important for you and your clients.

High CPC (COST PER CLICK) keywords

Quality content writing
Quality content writing

Cost per click refers to the amount you will be getting for a single click on an ad on your article. For example, if you choose a keyword and the CPC of the keyword is $2. Each person who clicks on the ad in that particular article will fetch you $2 or close to that. Therefore CPC plays an important role in your earning through a sense and other as networks.

Higher CPC keywords can again be searched through Ahrefs. You can use multiple keywords in an article in order to increase your CPC. Remember, in a keyword has higher CPC but low search volume, it doesn’t matter. If one click fetches you good money, don’t be tensed about the search volume.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content writing
Content writing

Search Engine Optimization popular as SEO is a very important When it comes to Content Writing and ranking higher. SEO will not provide quality to your content, but will also help you Rank higher on Google search results. With proper SEO, you will gain organic traffic because of your higher ranking on Google.

Types of SEO

  • On-Page SEO: SEO is done within the WordPress dashboard or within the article.
  • Off-Page SEO: link building, guest posting etc.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to optimizing your web page properly in order to rank higher on search results. From content to HTML, optimize everything within the page comes under On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to the external sources that help your website to rank higher. From link building to guest posting, everything comes under Off-Page SEO. It helps your web page to be known to Google. It also helps in creating an authority of your website in the eyes of google.


Therefore, this is the proper way to write quality content. Remember, quantity can be less or more.But there should be no compromise in terms of quality. Be very professional with your work in order to gain more clients. You content must be appealing and also of a value. Writing content which is to the point is very muck liked by the readers.

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