The Top Vloggers of India on Youtube

Vlogging is an art. To become a vlogger,one needs to know their audience in order to vlog as per the interest of the subscribers. Vlogging in India has gained decent amount of fans. From travel vloggers to daily bloggers, everyone is looking forward to increasing the number of subscribers they have. People find it much easier now to find a place or to travel under a budget to different places. People also get to know the lifestyle of celebrities which helps them in their daily life. Therefore, the biggest YouTube vloggers of India are doing a great job which is fetching them a lot of subscribers.

Here is the list of the top YouTube Vloggers of India (for the quality content):

Flying Beast (Gaurav Taneja)

Vloggers of India
Flying Beast

A pilot by profession, Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast is an engineer from IIT KHARAGPUR. He is a pilot in Air Asia and a vlogger on Youtube. Gaurav Taneja started vlogging along with the job of a pilot. In his vlogs, he travels to places and explores different countries with his wife Ritu Rathee who is also a pilot by profession.

Gaurav Taneja is loved by his fans because he is same on and off the camera. His two-year-old daughter Rashbhari is always in the comment section of Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube channel. Because of such a sweet family, Taneja’s subscribers are increasing in huge number every day which is a great achievement for a pilot.

Taneja recently started his second channel named Rashbhari Ke Papa which crossed 1 million subscribers in 29 hours which is a record.

Mumbiker Nikhil (Nikhil Sharma)

Vloggers of India
Mumbiker Nikhil

A moto vlogger in the early days of his YouTube career to a travel and daily vlogger too now, Mumbiker Nikhil is an inspiration. He gained a lot of attention on YouTube when he started moto vlogging. Riding a bike for hours and hours is not a joke. Nikhil never let his subscribers feel boring during the rides.

Travelling to different cities in a bike and riding for so long just to show the beauty of moto vlogging and also help people to explore new places is what Nikhil has taught and focused at. Leaving the job at the Qatar airways and choosing YouTube without knowing the future, Nikhil believed in himself.

The success story of Mumbiker Nikhil is very much inspiring for people who give up easily. He has been a great example of ” Do not fear what will happen in future as it will ruin your present”.

Mountain Trekker (Varun Vignesh)

travel vlogger of India
Varun Vignesh

Varun Vignesh, an ex-journalist and a PhD in mass communication is a travel vlogger for more than five years from now. Varun is a simple guy who is only concerned about how to give quality content to his viewers. Fluent in English as well as Hindi, Varun is a very good speaker as well. He wants to let his viewers understand as to how he travels under a budget and makes the most out of his exploration.

His channel Mountain Trekker has recently completed 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He has surely listed himself in the biggest travel vloggers of India. He shows how people can explore different countries under a budget and also learn about new cultures.

Varun hails from Asansol. From West Bengal to different countries, he has boosted the confidence of the youth in terms of solo travelling.

Travelling Desi (Mohit Manocha)

Mohit Manocha
Mohit Manocha

The typical Punjabi vlogger who has shifted to Canada with his brother and mother is a travel vlogger too. Travelling desi has been very much consistent with his vlogs since the past few years. Exploring different countries has been his hobby and he loves to spend time with his family especially with his mother.

Recently he purchased a motorhome in Canada. It cost around 12 lacs. The motorhome is obviously very appealing and interesting. His drone shots and motorhome travelling is gained a lot of attention.

Surely he is going to gain a lot in future. Being a family lover and a modest guy, Mohit is going to do wonders in the upcoming years and is one of the biggest vloggers of India.

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