Top five Biggest Youtubers In India

Youtube has been one of the major platforms in today’s era. In terms of earning as well as getting fame, YouTube has been the biggest source for this. Kids are now much more reliable on YouTube rather than studies because they look for fame as such a young age. But to settle on youtube requires a high level of patience because it takes time for your videos to go viral and reach to people in huge numbers. There are many successful YouTubers in India who have started it just for time pass and are now the biggest YouTubers of the country. It took time for them to reach the stage where they are now and in order to create a huge fan following they had to take care of the quality content.

Here is a list of the top five biggest Youtubers of India (Not in terms of subscribers, but the quality they provide).

Bhuvan Bam (BB KI VINES)

youtubers in India
Bhuvan bam

Coming from a medium-class family in Delhi. Being not so excellent and in studies, Bhuvan took YouTube just to see if it works fine for him. Slowly and gradually is videos started reaching millions of people. Because he used to bring out the reality in the minds of the people. People started loving him for his work.

Using slangs in a funny way is what makes him the best from the rest. Bhuvan Bam is loved for his nature with his fans and everyone. People love him for how he is in front of people. Bhuvan rose from 1 million to 10 million real quick because Of the quality funny content he makes.

He started his channel BB KI VINES in 2015 and came into recognition since 2017 where people started loving him for being natural and straightforward in front of the camera.

Bhuvan is soon to touch 20 million subscribers and this will be a great achievement for him. Because of the hard work and dedication, he puts in order to make his fans happily he is one of the best YouTubers of India.

Carry Minati (CarryMinati)

youtubers in India
Carry Minati

The name has been the most used name by the youth of India in recent times. Carry Minati is another big star when it comes to YouTube and fan following. Carry roasts people and Bring out sarcasm and humour through his roasting.

With a family full of doctors, it was not easy for the Faridabad boy to choose YouTube as a career. Carry started his channel in 2014 in order to find a platform where he can show his talent and gain an audience. He never knew that his dream will fetch him massive success one day. With over 25 million subscribers to his name, carry is biggest YouTuber in India in terms of subscribers.

Carry once again came into limelight after his roast video about TikTok. He roasted tiktokers and showed the reality through his video. Though the video was deleted by YouTube it could delete the increasing fans of Carry. He gained millions and millions of fans on multiple platforms.

Ashish Chanchalani (Ashish Chanchlani vines)

youtubers in India
Ashish Chanchlani

A dropout engineer to one of the biggest YouTube, Ashish Chanchlani has been patient with his work and was consistent in his field. From a family where the study was given more importance, Ashish took up this risky decision to take up YouTube and try his luck along with his hard work.

His channel is basically a comedy vines channel where he performs several roles in order to entertain his audience. A mixture of laughter and deep message, Ashish Chanchlani Vines presents videos which are both funny and sometimes inspirational.

Money was never a big factor for Ashish as he is from a wealthy family. But doing something which can make his family proud is what pushed him to show his talent on YouTube. With over 20.3 subscribers on YouTube, Ashish is one among the big names when it comes to comedy channels on YouTube in India or abroad.

Harsh Beniwal (Harsh Beniwal)

Harsh Beniwal
Harsh Beniwal

The typical Haryanvi guy who is always loved because of his voice and his tone. Harsh seems to be the guy who makes deep research when he joins any platform. His videos from the start are very much professional-looking and just like a movie. Harsh has got his whole cast team who has been working with him since the start. The scripts of his videos are very funny. It is a guarantee that one will never get bored while watching his videos.

Harsh started his channel on YouTube in 2014 and within a few years, he came into limelight because of the quality content he provided. Harsh never cared about the length of his video. As far as the video gets funnier with time, he will even poet a 1-hour video without any hesitation. This is why people love him so much and also enjoy his videos.

Harsh has recently started a new channel (Harsh Beniwal 2.0) where he uploads comedy videos with his friend. The channel crossed 1 million subscribers in no time because his fans love him for the way he is.

Amit Bhadana (Amit Bhadana)

Youtubers in India
Amit Bhadana

The name which should come in the minds of people who think of giving up. From a small village to youtube, the only thing which kept him moving forward was his dedication and determination. He never let his mind divert in different things in order to earn money. Bhadana always aimed to gain fans which will anyway fetch him everything he deserves.

Also, He kept on uploading video in his native tone because he is proud of the place where he belongs. People started loving the jovial nature of Amit which made him a star on youtube as well as other platforms. His Shayari in between the video is what people love the most. Because of his simplicity and his funny shayaris, he has been one of the biggest YouTubers with a huge fan base.

He started uploading proper videos in his channel from 2017 and came into limelight in 2018. Since then he never had to look back or divert his mind in any other work. A true lover of his nation is what defines him. That is the reason he has gained 21.1 million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the biggest YouTubers of India.

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