Virat Kohli net worth: The Run machine

Virat Kohli Net worth

The Indian Cricket team’s skipper Virat Kohli is one of the biggest sensations in the world. Since 2013, Virat Kohli has grabbed huge attention and millions of fans on every platform he stays active. Virat Kohli net worth is one of the most exciting things to look at art. Because of the fame, he has earned over the years, his net worth will leave you awestruck. Having 53.7 million fans on Instagram, Virat Kohli left behind Priyanka Chopra too. He’s not only great in cricket but also thrives in business ventures too. He earns way too much than one can ever imagine. Let’s have a look at a year to remember for him.

Virat Kohli MRF
Virat Kohli MRF

His Investments

The skipper owns a series of gyms under the name known as “CHISEL“. He recently made an investment in an insurance company known as Digit. he is the brand ambassador of the startup named Sports convo. Not only this, but he also has an e-commerce fashion brand which is named “WROGN“.

Virat Kohli‘s first investment was for FC Goa football team in the Hero ISL. His One-8 commune was also one among his investments. It is located in Aerocity, Delhi. It is being managed by his friend who knows him since the start of Virat Kolhi’s career.

Virat Kohli’s Brand endorsement

Virat Kohli in Forbes.
Virat Kohli in Forbes.

Virat Kohli has a big bunch of brand endorsement from major brands. The Indian skipper endorses for brands like Audi, MRF, TISSOT, Phillips, Uber, Manyavar Mohey. The biggest of all is the PUMA with which Virat Kohli has tied up along with his own brand One-8 which has already generated a 100 crore revenue.

He is carrying a long relationship with the MRF. Along with this, he is the brand ambassador of the Audi India. He owns a huge range of Audi cars with the Audi R8 V10 being the top model that he owns.

Virat Kohli’s social media platform

He has a fan base of 53.7 million of the social media platform known as Instagram. The net worth of Virat Kohli has taken a new level in the year 2019 where he has promoted so many brands and has also charged for posting a picture on this social media platform.

His net worth takes charge of 1.25crores when he posts a picture on his Instagram handle. This is till now the highest amount charged by any Indian for posting a picture on this platform.

Virat Kohli’s brand value

One8 Commune.
One8 Commune.

Since there has to be a comparison of Virat Kohli’s brand value of the last year with this year. His brand value has increased by 39% as compared to the last year. Also, he was listed in the Forbes top 100 highest-paid athletes from all around the world. He is ranking 100th in the list but is soon to climb and reach a new higher spot for sure.

Virat Kohli net worth reported being 920 crores by the end of 2019 and 255 crores in a single year (2019).

It is clear from the above explanation that Virat Kohli’s net worth is something that is a dream of many of us. He motivates the youth as to how to play so that the world recognises you for your legacy.

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